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"Guilbeault's tone and voice is reminiscent of European writers Anaïs Nin and Alain Robbe-Grillet."

- Kathryn Brown Ramsperger, author

Midwest Book Review calls Nathalie Guilbeault's novel, INHALED, "A rollicking good thriller read!"

"With a high level of accuracy, Guilbeault delivers the raw reality of her characters' thoughts and actions."

-The Miramichi Reader

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A Collection of Poems


Blueprint Made Of Man, excerpt

Nathalie Guilbeault

 What now—now that this gateway has been crossed and pulled me into some new shaky puzzle; now that I have shared on a subject the world wants to hear me and others only whisper about, these whispers like emotional hiccups, uncontrolled and wished away because of the reminder living in its core: I am here and represent a section of the living that could have stopped being. Breathing.

But I am here. Still.

Coming 2024



Inside Spain's never ending turmoil, Alberto Rogriguez will plant a seed whose emptiness will find its way to Nicaragua and America, destroying the only thing it covets - pure acceptance. And this want, fed and teased, will swim inside the belly of women who will suffer, surrender, and eventually seek revenge.


WHEN I BECAME NEVER retraces the story of a family that cannot escape its blood. A stand alone thriller that complements the author's preceding novel, INHALED, WHEN I BECAME NEVER shows how many shapes revenge can take, and that, more often than not, it fails us as much as it entices us.

"It took me a while to decide on the cover of When I Became Never ... but after rereading, and editing, and re-editing, and thinking more, about the characters that make the story what it is - women - I chose this piece created by artist extraordinaire, Garo Hakimian. Thank you Garo, for these eyes, for what they reflect."
-Nathalie, June 2023

Something in our skies
Something in our skies
Something in our blood
Something in our skies

Heart's Filthy Lessons, David Bowie

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A professional coach, a writer and a mother of two young adults, Nathalie Guilbeault has always been a curious and an arduous student of human behavior.  She has spent the last seven years as an expatriate both in Taiwan and the United States, returning to the western world transformed by life’s hurdles and blessings.

Human interaction, the study of its intricacies, remains the central focus of Nathalie Guilbeault’s attention and work. With Inhaled, she offers a very personal interpretation of a toxic dynamic in which two worlds collide, depicting with depth and attention to the emotional distress, the traps that we ourselves willingly, at times, place in order to grow.  In this romantic thriller, where sex is both used as a weapon and a cure, Nathalie exposes with great lucidity, the dangers of getting entangled with a person whose character has been poisoned by narcissistic and sociopathic traits. Holding a Master in Management Sciences from Montreal’s Hautes Etudes Commerciales and certifications in both business and life coaching, Nathalie now writes from her hometown of Montreal.




Montreal Publishing Company

In this romantic thriller where sex is used both as a weapon and a cure, with great lucidity Nathalie Guilbeault exposes the dangers of becoming entangled with a person possessing narcissistic and sociopathic traits. As her marriage unravels, Isabelle Duval meets a Nicaraguan man online. Silencing her own intuition, she falls into the arms of hope, weaving for herself a new reality, one that puts her life and that of her daughter’s at risk. 


Set primarily in New England, it is a tale of a woman’s struggle to seek stability where none can be found. It is the story of a woman’s blind quest to rationalize the need to give in, to stay, whatever the price, while offering a look into the struggle and desperation of one who has been preyed upon.

Nathalie is a proud member of 

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"A rare and powerful glimpse into the dark power of abuse, the dependency that can fuel it, and the determination it takes to break free."


"This book was intense! I couldn’t put it down."


"A beautiful novel reflective of the intricacies and realities of love, hurt and healing."

In her mind, and only in her mind, Isabelle Duval started to wander earin ly in her marriage, revealing the permeability of its seal.


A seal that would hold for 23 years.


Until it would no longer.

"Inhaled offers the reader an intimate glimpse into the dangers and consequences of an abusive, toxic relationship and the price we are willing to pay to quench our own loneliness."


"A beautiful novel reflective of the intricacies and realities of love, hurt and healing."


"A dramatic intertwining

of lust, dependency and sociopathy revealing the vulnerability of longing, and the cycle of manipulation that can take hold." 


"Guilbeault has shed a very important, and necessary light, on the dangers, and ease, one can become trapped in a relationship with a sociopath, somatic narcissist." 


In her mind, and only in her mind, Isabelle Duval started to wander early in her marriage, revealing the permeability of its seal.

A seal that would hold for 23 years.

Until it would no longer.



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"This book was intense! I couldn’t put it down. Knowing that this was a true story got to me in my deep. A whole mix of emotions with some added eroticism made this book captivating and relatable. Very well written. Bravo for a first time author!" 

As reviewed by Dr. Laurie Betito, a clinical psychologist for over 30 years with a specialty in Sexual Wellness. Dr. Laurie has appeared on the weekly show "EROS" (The Life Channel), as well as hosting the show "LET'S TALK SEX". Laurie has had regular features in national magazines, and has published several academic papers, as well hosting 2 TEDx talks. Her Passion Podcast, can be found here. 

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Thank you Montreal Publishing Company and everyone who turned out to help launch INHALED and Christian Fennell's
LOVE, GUNS & GOD in America 


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