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I hold a Master in Management Sciences from Montreal’s Hautes Etudes Commerciales, and certifications in both business and life coaching. I worked in Human Resources for a number of years – labour relations mostly, before veering into coaching following the birth of my children. Pragmatism was calling. But I had left the corporate world even when I was still working inside it, I eventually realized when starting to write for a living. 

As I am completing my third book, COLD CHAOS, Stories from a North, I look back to when writing had brushed against me – grade 10, and a certain teacher comes to mind: theatre; writing – and the reaching of flow I only begun to acknowledge today.

Then, there was this coaching client, too, the president of a large corporation for whom I wrote a metaphor as a healing exercice. An undone man before me, and when I read him what I had written, he started to cry - telling tears I never expected to see. It had puzzled me – what had just happened – and why? Flow, too, at that moment. Yet, I never saw it, the source of it. But no regrets. Only the joy of being alive; of having the capacity to recognize its existence in me: the possibility of flow. 


Writing came to me later in life, brought upon by life's idea of awakenings, giving rise to my first book, INHALED, a "sexy" book about abuse ... I've had mixed feelings about the book, its publishing. I still do. The story is so personal, 


so graphic. I've exposed myself - overexposed? All inside the pages of a first book, the brutal ice-breaker. So much courage to write what I wrote, most readers tell me. Maybe, I wonder–if naivety is part of courage's DNA, the self-centered thinking one is first to face universal pain, then, too, if innocence holds a major place inside its core. And, of course, vulnerability, right? Yet, it summoned the writer in me, and placing me on the road to becoming a better one. I hope. More importantly, without the writing of INHALED, I wouldn't have met Christian, an author as well, a formidable one, at that – a last man standing, I like to say. This blessing, now my life.

I hope you will enjoy my work and follow me on my journey. I promise you: It will continue to be a fulfilling and humbling one.

- Nathalie


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